Hire talent with digital-skill training and salary incentives

MyDigitalWorkforce Work in Tech (MYWiT)

What is MYWiT?

MyDigitalWorkforce Work in Tech (MYWiT) incentivizes employers to hire Malaysians for digital tech and services jobs via salary and training subsidies. The incentive is funded by the Government of Malaysia to encourage employers to provide job opportunities to unemployed citizens.

What does it offer?

This initiative offers 40% salary subsidy for 6 months and training incentives for in-house or external/3rd party training.


Incentives are available for companies that hire fresh graduates/ unemployed Malaysians/ retrenched employees for the following jobs:
  1. Digital Tech roles in any industry
  2. Digital Business Services roles in any industry.
The incentives include:

Salary subsidy

  • 40% of Monthly salary for 6 months (maximum incentive is capped at 40% of RM6,500/month, i.e. RM2,600 per pax/month
  • Minimum salary requirement: RM2,000/month

Training subsidy for in-house or external/3rd party training:

  • In-house training (minimum 40 hours/pax) : up to RM5,000/pax
  • External training: up to RM8,000/pax (excluding 6% SST)