Certified Cybersecurity


The Certified Cybersecurity Professional
qualification provides a deeper understanding
of cybersecurity with greater insights into
the advanced cybersecurity concepts.

6 Days / 48 Hours / 21 Modules
+ 3 month coaching + 1 year eLearning access

The Certified Cybersecurity Professional
qualification provides a deeper
of understanding cybersecurity with
greater insights into the advanced
cybersecurity concepts.
6 Days / 48 Hours / 21 Modules
+ 3 month coaching + 1 year eLearning access

You never know how vulnerable you are during your day to day internet usage.

Get to learn all there is to know about cyber security and stay one step ahead of potential threats online.
Program Curriculum
Module 1 - Introduction To Ethical Hacking

Introduction To Ethical Hacking

  1. What is Hacking
  2. What is Ethical Hacking
  3. What is Penetration Testing
  4. What is Vulnerability Auditing
Module 2 - Footprinting


  1. What is FootPrinting
  2. Footprinting Techniques
  3. Footprinting Website & Tools
Module 3 - Scanning


  1. What is Network scanning
  2. Types of Scanners
  3. Vulnerability Scanner Tools
Module 4 - Proxy


  1. What is a proxy server
  2. Types of proxies
  3. What is a Darkweb
  4. Why hackers prefer to use Darkweb
Module 5 - Hacking Web Servers & Web Applications

Hacking Web Servers & Web Applications

  1. What is a web server
  2. Types of web attacks
Module 6 - Session Hijacking

Session Hijacking

  1. What is session hijacking
  2. Session hijacking Techniques
  3. Session hijacking Tools
Module 7 - Denial Of Service

Session Hijacking

  1. What is a DoS and DDoS attack
  2. DoS attack techniques
  3. DoS attack Tools
Module 8 - System Hacking

System Hacking

  1. What is System Hacking
  2. What is Password Cracking
  3. Password Cracking techniques Password Cracking Website & Tools
Module 9 - Sniffers


  1. What is a sniffer
  2. Sniffing Techniques
  3. Sniffing Tools
Module 10 - Phising


  1. What is Phishing
  2. Phishing Techniques
  3. Sniffing Tools
Module 11 - Malware


  1. What is malware
  2. Types of malware
  3. Malware creation Tools
  4. USB password stealers
Module 12 - Wireless Hacking

Wireless Hacking

  1. Types of wireless networks
  2. Wireless Hacking Techniques
  3. Wireless Hacking Tools
Module 13 - Kali Linux

Kali Linux

  1. What is Kali Linux
  2. Kali Linux Tools
Module 14 - Introduction To Security

Introduction To Security

  1. What is security?
  2. Layer 1 Security
  3. Layer 2 Security
  4. Layer 3 Security
Module 15 - Firewalls


  1. What is a Firewall?
  2. Types of firewalls
  3. Designing Security with Firewalls NAT
  4. Security Policy
  5. Logs Management
  6. Application Security
  7. Content / Web Security
  8. Authentication
Module 16 - Virtual Private Networks

Virtual Private Networks

  1. What is VPNs
  2. Type of VPNs
  3. GRE
  4. IPSEC
  5. SSL
Module 17 - Intrusion Prevention Systems

Intrusion Prevention Systems

  1. What is an Intrusion Detection System?
  2. What is an Intrusion Prevention System?
Module 18 - High Availability Virtual / Cloud Devices Security Host Security

High Availability Virtual / Cloud Devices Security Host Security

  1. OS Hardening
  2. Patch management
  3. Antivirus
  4. Endpoint Security
Module 19 - SIEM


  1. Introduction to SIEM
  2. SIEM Architecture
  3. Events and Logs
  4. Event Correlation and Event Collection Correlation Rules
  5. Forensic Data
  6. SIEM Deployment
Module 20 - Incident Response

Incident Response

  1. Introduction Incident Response Incident Response Policy
  2. Incident Handling
  3. Forensics of Incident response
  4. Inside Threat
  5. Incident Recovery
  6. Malware Analysis
Module 21 - Mobile Forensics

Mobile Forensics

  1. Forensic Acquisition of Smartphones
  2. -Logical Acquisition
  3. -File System Acquisition
  4. -Physical Acquisition
  5. Android Forensics
  6. Retrieving User Activity Information from Android Devices
  7. iOS (iPhone) Forensics
  8. Retrieving User Activity Information iOS Devices
Our Training Methodology
Program Key Highlights

40 hours of Remote Online Learning
80 Additional Self Learning Hours
12 Live Hands-on Projects
Certified by International Body
Mentorship with Industry Experts
Designed for Beginners & Professionals
Your Instructor
Thayanithy Jegan
CTO & Co-Founder of Thulija Technologies,
Certified Trainer and Consultant

A seasoned technology professional with over 17 years of industry experience as a software developer, solutions architect and technology consultant for major organizations.
Thayanithy Jegan has trained executives and developers in companies such as Maxis, IFCA, SWIFT, PSDC, DHL, Standard Chartered, Infineon Technologies, Siemens and Bank Negara to name a few to break into various technology stacks and as well as data science, big data, and artificial intelligence.
He has led major projects with clients such as Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM), MYCOID, Kementerian Kerja Raya, Ministry of Education (MOE), Universiti Malaya, Perfisio Solutions, Kementerian Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri, amongst others. He has also served as a Consultant for MIMOS Berhad, a Research and Development organisation that functions as an advisor to the Malaysian Government on technologies, policies and strategies relating to IT.

Get Professionally Certified

Upon successfully completing this program, participants will be awarded the Professional Certification in Python Data Science by International Council for Technology Certifications (ICTC).
This award is a validation to the efforts taken to master the domain expertise that will set you apart from your competition.
Be a part of the global network of data science professionals and join the community across sectors.
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This training program is suitable for anyone who intends to enter into the field of Cybersecurity. This program is being conducted in Malaysia and can be joined by anyone, anywhere in the world remotely.
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RM 3,700.00

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