Understand the fundamentals and
best practices in cybersecurity and
keep abreast of current trends

2 Days / 16 Hours / 6 Modules
+ 3 month coaching + 1 year eLearning access


Understand the fundamentals and
best practices in cybersecurity &
keep abreast of current trends
Learn the fundamentals of Cybersecurity in this foundational course that covers basics and the main areas of IT security and data protection.

Cybersecurity is increasingly becoming more important as it is increasingly becoming crtitical for businesses to invest it IT Security and to take precautions to secure themselves from security vulnerabilities such as hacking, phishing, data compromise and identity thefts.
This foundational program is ideal for beginners where the basics of IT systems and networks is exposed. Participants will also learn on preventing hacking, data encryption and decryption, backup processes and data recovery.
This Cybersecurity foundational program helps beginners to master the fundamental concepts of Cybersecurity and prepare themselves for the Professional Certification in Cybersecurity professional qualification.
Key Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, participants should be able to demonstrate each of the following outcome:-

  • Explain the importance of cybersecurity
  • Apply the cybersecurity design principles
  • Explain fundamentals of cybersecurity and their applications
  • Understand cybersecurity issues
Course Modules Covered in this program
Module 1 - Fundamentals of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Concepts
  1. Needs for Security
  2. Challenges of Securing information
  3. Malware, Social Engineering and other Attacks
  4. Protecting against Malware Attacks
  5. Legal, Ethical and Professional Issues in Information Security
  6. Security Design Principles
  7. Security Controls

Introduction to Cryptography

  1. Cryptographic Techniques
  2. Digital Signatures
  3. Public-Key Infrastructure
  4. Digital Certificates
  5. Protocols for Secure Communication

Workshop 1: Case study on Secure Communication

Module 2 - Introduction to Risk Management

Introduction to Risk Management
  1. Threats and Vulnerabilities
  2. Risk Identification
  3. Risk Assessment
  4. Risk Control Strategies
  5. Business Continuity Planning and Strategies
  6. Information Security Policy, Standards and Practices
  7. Information Security Frameworks

Workshop 2: Case study on Risk Management

Module 2: Introduction to Risk Management
Module 3 - Communication and Network Security

Communication and Network Security
  1. Types of Firewalls
  2. Firewall Architectures
  3. Virtual Private Networks
  4. Types of Intrusion Detection Systems
  5. Strength and limitations of IDPS
  6. Deployment and Implementation of IDPS
  7. Honeypots
  8. Administering a Secure Network

Workshop 3: Case study on designing a Secure Architecture for a given scenario

Module 4 - Application Security

Application Security
  1. Web Application attacks
  2. Threat modelling
  3. Secure Software Development
  4. Secure Coding Concepts
  5. Security Assessment and Testing

Workshop 4: Exercise on Threat Modelling

Module 5 - Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management
  1. Authentication and Account Management
  2. Access Control Models
  3. Trust frameworks
  4. Best Practices for Access Control
  5. Identity and Access Services

Workshop 5: Exercise on Access Control

Module 6 - Trends in Cybersecurity

Trends in Cybersecurity
  1. Cloud Security
  2. -Cloud Security Concepts
  3. -Security approaches for Cloud Computing Assets
  4. -Cloud Security as a Service
  5. -Enterprise Cloud Security and Governance

  6. Mobile Security
  7. Internet of Things Security and Privacy Requirements
  8. An Internet of Things Security Framework
  9. AI/ML Security

  10. Workshop 6: Workshop on Cloud/Internet of Things /Mobile Security

Our Training Methodology
Your Instructor
Thayanithy Jegan
Principal Data Scientist
CTO & Co-Founder of Thulija Technologies,
HRDF Certified Trainer and Consultant

A seasoned technology professional with over 17 years of industry experience as a software developer, solutions architect and technology consultant for major organizations. He is the Principal Lead Data Scientist at Thulija Academy.
Thayanithy Jegan has trained executives and developers in some of the leading organizations in Asia such as Maxis, IFCA, SWIFT, PSDC, DHL, Standard Chartered, Infineon Technologies, Siemens and Bank Negara to name a few. His expertise is highly sought after to help executives break into various technology stacks and as well as data science, big data, and artificial intelligence in Malaysia and regionally.
He has led major projects with clients such as Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM), MYCOID, Kementerian Kerja Raya, Ministry of Education (MOE), Universiti Malaya, Perfisio Solutions, Kementerian Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri, amongst others. He has also served as a Consultant for MIMOS Berhad, a Research and Development organisation that functions as an advisor to the Malaysian Government on technologies, policies and strategies relating to IT.
Program Key Highlights

16 hours of Remote Online Learning
Additional Coaching Hours
Live Hands-on Projects
Certificate of Competence by Thulija Academy with GenuineIn Digital Credentials
Mentorship with Industry Experts
Designed for Beginners
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This training program is suitable for anyone who intends to enter into the field of Cybersecurity. This program is being conducted in Malaysia and can be joined by anyone, anywhere in the world remotely.
Program Fee

MYR 1300 per pax.
Funding price MYR 599 per pax .

Funding Schemes for Companies who are claiming from their HRDF levy.

One-time fee. One year access to course materials and resources.
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