Certified Data


Take the next step in your data science career
by becoming a certified data scientist today

5 Days / 40 Hours / 10 Modules
+ 3 month coaching + 1 year eLearning access

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Certified Data


Take the next step in your
data science career by becoming
a certified data scientist today

5 Days / 40 Hours / 10 Modules
+ 3 month coaching + 1 year eLearning access

Take the next step in your data science career by becoming a certified data scientist today

The Certified Data Science Developer Certification provided by IABAC has global recognition, and facilitates for value addition in landing an illustrious career in data science. It covers concepts such as basics of Data Science, Programing languages like Python and R, Statistics for Data Science, Data Science Deployment Models.
Key Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, participants should be able to demonstrate each of the following outcome:-

  • Build an expertise in the most widely-used analytics tools and technologies.
  • Develop the ability to independently solve business problems using analytics and data science.
  • Understand the applications and implications of data science in different industries.
  • Learn how to extract strategic business insights from data and efficiently communicate them to stakeholders
  • Build models to predict future trends and use them to inform business strategy.
  • Build a substantial body of work and an industry-ready portfolio in data science and analytics.
IABAC Exam Information
Course Modules Covered in the Certified Data Scientist program
Module 1 - Data Science Foundation

Data Science Foundation

  1. Introduction to Data Science
  2. Data Science vs Business Analytics vs Big Data
  3. Classification of Business Analytics
  4. Data Science Project Workflow
  5. Various Roles in Data Science
  6. Application of Data Science in various industries
Module 2 - Python Data Science

Python Data Science

  1. Introduction to Data Science with Python
  2. Python Basics: Basic Syntax, Data Structures
  3. Data objects, Math, Comparison Operators, Condition Statements, loops, lists, tuples, dicts, functions
  4. Numpy Package
  5. Pandas Package
  6. Python Advanced: Data Mugging with Pandas
  7. Python Advanced: Visualization with Matplotlib
  8. Exploratory Data Analysis: Data Cleaning, Data Wrangling
  9. Exploratory Data Analysis: Case Study
Module 3 - Statistics For Data Science

Statistics For Data Science

  1. Introduction to Statistics
  2. Harnessing Data
  3. Exploratory Analysis
  4. Distributions
  5. Hypothesis & Computational Techniques
  6. Correlation & Regression
Module 4 - Visual Analytics Foundation

Visual Analytics Foundation

  1. Visual Analytics Basics
  2. Basic Charts, Plots
Module 5 - SQL For Data Science

SQL For Data Science

  1. Install SQL packages and Connecting to DB
  2. RDBMS (Relational Database Management) Basics
  3. Basics of SQL DB, Primary key, Foreign Key
  4. SELECT SQL command, WHERE Condition
  5. Retrieving Data with SELECT SQL command and WHERE Condition to Pandas DataFrame.
  6. SQL JOINs
  7. Left Join, Right Joins, Multiple Joins
Module 6 - Machine Learning Associate

Machine Learning Associate

  1. Machine Learning Introduction
  2. What is ML? ML vs AI. ML Workflow, Statistical Modelling of ML. Application of ML
  3. Machine Learning Algorithms
  4. Popular ML algorithms, Clustering, Classification and Regression, Supervised vs Unsupervised.
  5. Choice of ML
  6. Supervised Learning
  7. Simple and Multiple Linear Regression, KNN, and more
  8. Linear Regression and Logistic Regression
  9. Theory of Linear regression, hands on with use cases
  10. K-Nearest Neighbour (KNN)
  11. Decision Tree
  12. Naïve Bayes Classifier
  13. Unsupervised Learning: K-Means Clustering
Module 7 - Machine Learning Expert

Machine Learning Expert

  1. Advanced Machine Learning Concepts
  2. Tuning with Hyper parameters
  3. Random Forest – Ensemble
  4. Ensemble Theory, Random Forest Tuning
  5. Support Vector Machine (SVM)
  6. Simple and Multiple Linear Regression, KNN
  7. Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  8. Text Processing with Vectorization, Sentiment Analysis with Text Blob, Twitter Sentiment Analysis.
  9. Naïve Bayes Classifier
  10. Naïve Bayes for Text Classification, New Articles Tagging
  11. Artificial Neural Network (ANN)
  12. Basic ANN network for Regression and Classification
  13. TensorFlow Overview
  14. Deep Learning Intro
Module 8 - Time Series Foundation

Time Series Foundation

  1. What is a Time-Series?
  2. Trend, Seasonality, Cyclical and Random
  3. White Noise
  4. Auto Regressive Model (AR)
  5. Moving Average Model (MA)
  6. ARMA Model
  7. Stationarity of Time Series
  8. ARIMA Model – Prediction Concepts
  9. ARIMA Model Hands on with Python
  10. Case Study Assignment on ARIMA
Module 9 - Model Deployment

Model Deployment

  1. Basics of Application Program Interface (API)
  2. API basics, loosely Coupled Architecture
  3. Installing Flask
  4. Installation and configuring Flask and cross domain authentication.
  5. End to End ML project with API Deployment
  6. Complete Project Flow with API Deployment and assessing through the website
Module 10 - Deep Learning Foundation

Deep Learning Foundation

  1. Introduction to Deep learning
  2. What is Deep Learning?
  3. Various Deep Learning models in practice and applications.
  4. Convolutional Neural Network CNN Intro
  5. Case Study: Keras–TensorFlow Image Classification
  6. CNN hands on application for classification of images of Cats and Dogs
Our Training Methodology
Program Key Highlights

40 hours of Remote Online Learning
Additional Coaching Hours
Live Hands-on Projects
Certified by International Body
Mentorship with Industry Experts
Designed for Beginners & Professionals
Program Benefits

Get Professionally Certified

Upon successfully completing this program, participants will be awarded the Data Science Developer Certification by International Association of Business Analytics Certification (IABAC).
This award is a validation to the efforts taken to master the domain expertise that will set you apart from your competition.
Be a part of the global network of data science professionals and join the community across sectors.
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This training program is suitable for anyone who intends to enter into the field of Data Science. This program is being conducted in Malaysia and can be joined by anyone, anywhere in the world remotely.
Program Fee

MYR 6800 per pax.
Funding price MYR 3700 per pax .

Funding Schemes for Companies who are claiming from their HRDF levy or from the MDEC MyWiT scheme.

Limited scholarships available for early self applying individual applicants.

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One-time fee. One year access to course materials and resources.

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