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Design Thinking provides a detailed understanding of key concepts and definitions to improve your interaction with the user experience divided in five phases: empathize, define, ideate, prototype and evaluate. This helps organizations to create useful proposals that adapt to the real needs of people; allowing them to expand the service portfolio, consolidate brand and improve results.

This certification will help you choose the right problem and frame it, in creative solutions. Learn to gather ideas from multiple disciplines in a trial-free environment, which will provide a wider range of ideas. Become a Design Thinker with empathy, focused on the human being, collaborative, experimental and optimistic, qualities that will help you to use assertive resources so that the selected idea is successful.
Key Learning Objectives

  • What is Innovation?
  • Digital Age
  • Connections with Design Thinking
  • What is Design Thinking?
  • Design Thinking features
  • Phases of Design Thinking
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Program Modules
Module 1 - Introduction

Module 1: Introduction

  1. What is Innovation?
  2. Innovation
  3. Innovation in Services
  4. Product Innovation
  5. Process Innovation
Module 2 - Digital Age

Module 2: Digital Age

  1. Digital Transformation
  2. Related Concepts
  3. Disruptive Transformation Examples
Module 3 - Benefits of this Certification

Module 3: Benefits of this Certification

  1. Benefits of this Certification
Module 4 - Connections with Design Thinking

Module 4: Connections with Design Thinking

  1. What is Lean?
  2. What is Agile?
  3. How do they connect?
Module 5 - Key Definitions

Module 5: Key Definitions

  1. What is a Model?
  2. What is a Framework?
  3. What is a Technique?
  4. What is a Methodology?
Module 6 - Design Thinking

Module 6: Design Thinking

  1. What is Design Thinking?
  2. Design Thinking Features
Module 7 - Design Thinking Phases

Module 7: Design Thinking Phases

  1. Design Thinking Phases
  2. Empathize
  3. Define
  4. Prototype
  5. Evaluate
  6. High Level Example of DT Phases
  7. Behavior of Possibilities
  8. Thinking Process
  9. Number of Methods
  10. 7 Key Attributes of Design Thinking
  11. Multidisciplinary Teams
  12. Optimistic Mindset
  13. Conceptualization
Module 8 - Empathy

Module 8: Empathy

  1. Empathy
  2. Definition of Empathy
  3. Empathy Mapping
  4. Person Method
  5. Actors Map
  6. Observation
  7. Research Skills
  8. Asking the right questions?
  9. Journey Maps Technique
  10. Creating a Customer Journey
  11. Interview Technique
  12. Research
Module 9 - Define

Module 9: Define

  1. Define
  2. Problem Definition
  3. Point of View (POV)
  4. Good Points of View (POV)
  5. Create Mind Maps
  6. How Might We? (HMW)
  7. Critical Reading Checklist
  8. Affinity Diagram Technique
Module 10 - Ideation

Module 10: Ideation

  1. Ideated
  2. Ideation
  3. 7 Rules of Idea Generation
  4. Brainstorming
  5. What if method? (What If...?)
  6. Brain Dump
  7. Reverse Brainstorming
  9. Prioritization Technique
Module 11 - Prototype

Module 11: Prototype

  1. Prototype
  2. Why Prototyping?
  3. What are they for?
  4. Storyboard Technique
  5. Lego
Module 12 - Evaluate

Module 12: Evaluate

  1. Evaluate
  2. Why evaluate?
  3. How to evaluate?
  4. Focus Group Techniques
  5. Usability Testing
Module 13 - Certification

Module 13: Certification

  1. Certification
  2. Design Thinking
  3. Recommended Links
Our Training Methodology
Program Key Highlights

48 hours of Remote Online Learning
Additional Coaching Hours
Live Hands-on Projects
Certified by International Body
Mentorship with Industry Experts
Designed for Beginners & Professionals

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Upon successfully completing this program, participants will be awarded the Design Thinking Professional Certificate by Certiprof.
This award is a validation to the efforts taken to master the domain expertise that will set you apart from your competition.
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