Master Laravel and develop

Web Applications with ease

Start your web app development journey with Laravel
and power up your career today!

5 Days / 40 Hours / 28 Modules
+ 3 month coaching + 1 year eLearning access
Master Laravel
and Develop Web
Applications With Ease

Start your web app
development journey
with Laravel and power
up your career today!

5 Days / 40 Hours / 28 Modules
+ 3 month coaching + 1 year eLearning access

Learn the fundamentals of Laravel and set your career path in one of the in-demand professions of the decade.

This course includes the fundamental Laravel features such as PHP Scripting, Routing, Databases, Controllers, and JSON security
This course will also show you how to use the Laravel framework and features to complete projects, which allows you to practice the things learned throughout the course
By the end of this course, participants will be able to create Laravel projects from scratch all on their own
Key Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, participants should be able to demonstrate each of the following outcome:-

  • Learn to build applications using Laravel
  • Understand how to use routes
  • Understand Blade components
  • Eloquent - ORM for interacting with the database
  • Routes and Controllers
  • Troubleshoot common Angular errors
  • Master the essential Laravel concepts
  • Understand migrations and what they are
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    Course Modules Covered in the Laravel program
    Day 1 - Basic Scripting, Conditional and Looping Constructs, Modularity through Include Files, PHP Operators, PHP Functions, Arrays in PHP, Basic OOP in PHP

    Basic Scripting, Conditional and Looping Constructs

    1. PHP Scripting Fundamentals
    2. Print Statement
    3. Code Blocks
    4. Primitive Data Types
    5. Defining Constants and Variables
    6. Looping Constructs
    7. while, do… while, for, exit and break
    8. True and False Expressions
    9. if, else and elseif
    10. switch/case Statement
    11. The ? (Ternary) Operator

    Modularity through Include Files

    1. Using Include Files
    2. The Require Statement
    3. Modularizing Code with Functions
    4. Defining and Using Basic Functions

    PHP Operators

    1. Logical Operators
    2. Relational Operators
    3. Bitwise Operators
    4. Other Operators
    5. PHP7 Null Coalescing operator
    6. PHP7 Spaceship Operator

    PHP Functions

    1. Introduction to Functions
    2. Declaring Functions
    3. Scope
    4. Passing Arguments to Functions
    5. Local and Global Scope
    6. Passing Arguments to Functions by Value and Reference
    7. Variable Scoping and Return Values
    8. Recursion
    9. Coercive and Strict Type Declarations for Parameters and Return Values
    10. Optional and REST Parameters
    11. Argument Unpacking
    12. Generator Return Expressions
    13. Dynamic Function Calls
    14. Predefined PHP Functions

    Arrays in PHP

    1. What are Arrays?
    2. Usage of Arrays in PHP
    3. Array Indexing
    4. Initializing Arrays
    5. Operating on Arrays
    6. Sorting Arrays
    7. One-Dimensional and Multi-Dimensional Arrays
    8. Associative Arrays
    9. Array Functions
    10. Forms and Arrays in Web Applications

    Basic OOP in PHP

    1. Defining Object Oriented Programming
    2. Creating New Objects in PHP
    3. PHP Object Syntax
    4. Using Predefined PHP OOP Libraries
    5. Implementing New Classes
    6. Extending Classes
    7. Understanding Private, Public and Protected
    8. Inheriting Methods and Properties
    9. Overriding Methods and Properties
    Day 2 - Introduction, Request, Routing & Responses, Controllers, Blade, Unit Testing


    1. Overview
    2. Installation and Composer
    3. Configuration

    Request, Routing & Responses

    1. Request Lifecycle
    2. Basic Routing
    3. Route Parameters
    5. Views Data
    6. Redirects
    7. Custom Responses
    8. Response Shortcuts


    1. Creating Controllers
    2. Controller Routing
    3. RESTful Controllers


    1. Creating Templates
    2. PHP Output
    3. Controller Structures
    4. Templates Inheritance

    Unit Testing

    1. Introduction
    2. Environment
    3. Creating and Running Tests
    4. HTTP Tests
    5. Browser Tests
    Day 3 - Advanced Routing, URL Generation, Request Data, Forms, Validation

    Advanced Routing

    1. Named Routes
    2. Secure Routes
    3. Parameter Constraints
    4. Route Groups
    5. Route Prefixing
    6. Domain Routing

    URL Generation

    1. The current URL
    2. Generating Framework URLs
    3. Asset URLs
    4. Generation Shortcuts

    Request Data

    1. Retrieval
    2. Old Input
    3. Uploaded Files
    4. Cookies


    1. Opening Forms
    2. Form Fields
    3. Form Buttons
    4. Form Macro
    5. Form Security


    1. Simple Validation
    2. Validation Rules
    3. Error Messages
    4. Custom Validation Rules
    5. Custom Validation Messages
    Day 4 - Databases, Schema Builder, Migrations, Eloquent, Elixir


    1. Abstraction
    2. Configuration
    3. Preparing

    Schema Builder

    1. Creating Tables
    2. Column Types
    3. Column Modifiers
    4. Updating Tables
    5. Dropping Tables
    6. Schema Tricks


    1. Basic Concept
    2. Creating Migrations
    3. Running Migrations
    4. Rolling Back
    5. Migration tricks


    1. Models, Tinker, Legacy DBs
    2. Scopes - Global Scopes and Traits
    3. Accessors and Mutators
    4. Creating and Updating
    5. Advanced Where and When
    6. Relationships
    7. Relationship Queries
    8. Querying Relationship Children
    9. Collections


    1. Installing Node.JS
    2. Installing Elixir Repertoire Designer
    3. Installing Database Drivers and Additional Class Files
    4. Adding Data Source
    5. Adding Page Title Header
    6. Populating the Report
    7. Sorting and Grouping
    8. Labelling
    9. Creating Elixir Task
    10. Compiling with Laravel Elixir and Running Elixir
    Day 5 - Authentication, Security and Subscriptions, Testing and Debugging Application, Advanced Features, Deployment, Implementing RESTful Servers with PHP, JSON Security

    Authentication, Security and Subscriptions

    1. Using policies and guard to protect user pages
    2. Adding feature flags to hide features from users
    3. Implementing Socialite to allow users to login with Facebook
    4. Adding custom middleware to protect the user admin area
    5. Using Laravel to set up a subscription site
    6. Creating an interface for the user to manage subscriptions
    7. Creating an admin interface for subscriptions

    Testing and Debugging Application

    1. Generating test
    2. Using tests to think through your code TDT (Test Driven Thinking)
    3. Using VCR for API testing
    4. Getting your code onto GitHub
    5. Using Travis to run tests with every push
    6. Launching Gulp watch into your workflow
    7. Using Mockery to test your controllers
    8. Troubleshooting application

    Advanced Features

    1. Building an Artisan command
    2. Creating scheduler to notify users of new comics
    3. Setting up e-mail notices
    4. Adding clean URLs for the users profile page
    5. Using pusher for live notifications
    6. Adding a blog area to update users on new features


    1. Setting up Server
    2. Setting up Travis to auto deploy when all is passing
    3. Working with your .env file
    4. Testing application on production
    5. Making a composer package out of our client

    Implementing RESTful Servers with PHP

    1. Understanding RESTful Servers
    2. Benefits of PHP for Implementing RESTful Servers
    3. Using HTTP Verbs to Access Data
    4. Understanding RESTful URIs
    5. Defining PHP Objects to Access RESTful URIs
    6. Effective Use of OOP Inheritance

    JSON Security

    1. Introduction
    2. Middleware Authentication
    3. Authorizers
    4. Controller Authorization
    5. Helpers
    6. Conclusion
    Our Training Methodology
    Your Instructor
    Thayanithy Jegan
    CTO & Co-Founder of Thulija Technologies,
    Certified Trainer and Consultant

    A seasoned technology professional with over 17 years of industry experience as a software developer, solutions architect and technology consultant for major organizations.
    Thayanithy Jegan has trained executives and developers in companies such as Maxis, IFCA, SWIFT, PSDC, DHL, Standard Chartered, Infineon Technologies, Siemens and Bank Negara to name a few to break into various technology stacks and as well as data science, big data, and artificial intelligence.
    He has led major projects with clients such as Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM), MYCOID, Kementerian Kerja Raya, Ministry of Education (MOE), Universiti Malaya, Perfisio Solutions, Kementerian Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri, amongst others. He has also served as a Consultant for MIMOS Berhad, a Research and Development organisation that functions as an advisor to the Malaysian Government on technologies, policies and strategies relating to IT.
    Program Key Highlights

    40 hours of Remote Online Learning
    80 Additional Self Learning Hours
    12 Live Hands-on Projects
    Certified by International Body
    Mentorship with Industry Experts
    Designed for Beginners & Professionals

    Get Professionally Certified

    Upon successfully completing this program, participants will be awarded the Professional Certification in Python Data Science by International Council for Technology Certifications (ICTC).
    This award is a validation to the efforts taken to master the domain expertise that will set you apart from your competition.
    Be a part of the global network of data science professionals and join the community across sectors.
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