A Search For Malaysia’s Best Coder

An University Level Programming Contest

Open to Computing & Engineering Students

Taylor's University

School of Computer Science

22nd December 2023

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Partnership & Collaboration

This coding competition is organized by Thulija Technologies Sdn Bhd with the support of Data Science Association.


Objectives & Outcomes

The primary objective of the Top Coder Coding Competition is to encourage and enhance the programming skills of university students.

Improved coding skills and
problem-solving capabilities amongparticipants.

Increased awareness and interest in computer science and related fields.

Networking opportunities for students with peers, faculty, and potentially industry professionals.

Recognition and awards for outstanding performers, contributing to their academic and professional portfolios.


The primary benefits and outcomes that outline the intentions that is guiding the overall purpose and direction of the proposed program.

Skill Development
Participants will enhance their coding proficiency, gaining practical experience applicable to real-world challenges.
The competition will facilitate interactions among participants, fostering a sense of community and providing networking opportunities.
Outstanding performers will receive recognition through certificates, trophies, and potentially internship opportunities.
Target Audience
The competition is open to all university students, irrespective of their academic year or major. The inclusive nature of the event encourages participation from students with varying levels of coding experience.

All registered university students are eligible to participate. No prior coding competition experience is required, making it accessible to students with diverse backgrounds.

Focus Skills & Competencies

Coding competitions can significantly enhance a variety of skills and competencies. Key areas that can be improved through engagement in coding competitions are such as:

Problem Solving Skills

Coding competitions often present challenging algorithmic and mathematical problems that require creative and efficient solutions.

Algorithmic Thinking

Exposure to a variety of problems helps individuals build a toolkit of algorithms and data structures

Programming Proficiency

Efficient and clean code writing becomes a priority due to time constraints and the need for debugging in real-time.

Debugging and Optimization

Participants gain experience in identifying and fixing bugs quickly, as debugging is a crucial aspect of coding competitions.


Participants to introduced to new problem domains and concepts, requiring them to quickly adapt and apply their existing knowledge to unfamiliar scenarios.

Continuous Learning

Coding competitions often expose participants to new technologies, frameworks, or problem-solving techniques, fostering a mindset of continuous learning.

Competition Structure

The competition is hosted physically in the university labs. The competition will consist of multiple coding challenges of varying difficulty levels. Participants will solve these challenges within a specified time frame using the Virtual Code Lab platform.

Judging Criteria
Solutions will be evaluated based on correctness, efficiency, and code quality. The eBox Virtual Lab platform will auto assess the submissions.
There are no financial commitments required from university partners. The event intended to be funded by the organizers through the support of sponsors.
University assistance is sought for securing a suitable virtual venue and coordinating logistical requirements.
The university's support is requested for promoting the event through various communication channels.
Judges & Mentors

Faculty members or industry professionals are invited to serve as judges and mentors during the competition.

Target Audience

The target audience for the Top Coder competition are as students in universities as follows:

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